Your „Living room“. Your private hideaway. Your office to live. The individual face of your building. 


Wherever you want to feel your very unique personality, wherever you want to find your ideas implemented, we assist you with our artists, our concepts, our creativity.


Art or design? The distinction is not important, but the result. Your very special space needs very special and unique aesthetic elements.


And it should be your "feel well" area, not a museum of contemporary art.  Just a shot with singular glass clear wall wraps or covering the whole space with installations or room covering elements. Not only the walls can be playgrounds for your ideas, the whole space should express your character and your phantasies.

We want to invite you to develop your project together with our team.


We are working together with artists, who have a lot of experience in designing art elements in public and private spaces.

Our architect and photographer Stephan Rindler has been working since 2008 at the artistic interface between built spatial reality and sociological metaphysical perception. He has been a state-certified civil engineer for construction since 2007 and in 2015 won an international competition for the redesign of an arts and culture site in Lviv, Ukraine. Stephan is managing partner of Windstärke7 ZT-GmbH, a civil engineering firm specializing in office consulting and interior design. 

We love to visualize your ideas in our team, give them a brand, a unique face and a interesting way of realization.


Last but not least : you are the boss – we adapt the project to your budget plan.