We bring Urban Art into your private place or business space. 


Our expert Diana Millet assists you to integrate this exciting kind of art like graffiti, stencil art and graphic techniques into your space.


Together we will choose the artist to cooperate with and develop your urban art project for your space.


Driven by the passion for the arts Diana Millet can look back at experiences in the Art Business for more than 20 years. Through the organization of the International Summer Academy of Fina Arts and Media for 13 years, as well as by programming different art events like vernissages for galleries or Urban Art exhibitions and Festivals like “Escape the Golden Cage” she has built up an international artist network. 

The portfolio includes:


//  Urban art walls with different techniques like graffiti spraying,       stencil art and paintings


//  Objects / Furniture with Urban Art motives: Through the wide         network we are able to individualize furniture like cupboard,         kitchen walls, tables or objects like lamps with urban art               motives.

//  Individual art installation: in cooperation with the selected artist     we will develop individual installations meeting your                     expectations.